July 31, 2020

Dearest God in Heaven,

Let the scent of fresh hay & new bag of grain always be sweet to me. Let the touch of a warm nose on my hand always bring a smile.


Close your eyes for a moment, imagine you are in the middle of a big open field that has just been cut to be put up for hay.  Take a deep breath… can you smell it?  That rich sweet smell?  It’s like nothing on earth.  Sweet, clean, fresh…  Alfalfa, brome, prairie; all watched, cut and raked while also watching the weather so it gets put up at the exact right time.  We horse people feed this to our beloved horses generally year round.


Horses are grazing animals, they are designed to constantly move, eat and forage.  Even though they are a large animal that tends to graze quite a bit, their stomach empties constantly as well.  I bet you are thinking…what does hay have to do with a horse grazing?  Well, we have taken horses and put them in stalls, we feed them 2-3 meals a day instead of them grazing all day as they are designed to do. 


You are probably wondering where I am going with this… Just as horses are meant to graze and digest their feed in small amounts throughout the day; we to need little bits of God’s word every day throughout the day. Most of us spend a quiet moment with God first thing in the morning and then last thing in the evening.  But what about a quiet conversation with God during the day?  I am here at my desk and within reach I have 3 Bibles.  I know if I walk down the hall to our library, there are dozens more where I can also feed my soul.  When was the last time you had a quiet conversation with God, more than just once or twice a day?  What if you take a moment or two out of your day to feed your soul on God’s word?


(1 Chronicles 16:34):

“O give thanks to the Lord; for God is good; for Gods mercy endures forever” Amen



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