July 17, 2020

For the next seven weeks I will be taking pieces of the “Horseman’s Prayer” and using it in my Friday devotional pieces.  I hope that you will find a way to use these pieces in your daily meditations and thoughts.

            Dearest God in Heaven,

Give me strength to guide my horse. Make my hands soft and my head clear.  Let my horse understand me and I him.  My heart you have blessed with a special love of these animals, let me never lose sight of it.

In riding and working with horses, one must have not only strength, as the saddles and gear are not light.  But, you must also be light in your hand as they do not take to a strong hand or voice very well.  You must also be clear headed, you are working with someone that has their own thoughts, feelings and processes; they also can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds. 

It has been said that a good horseman can hear his horse talk, but an excellent horseman can hear his horse whisper.  When Louie and I are working in sync, we are truly as one.  It is almost as if I can see and feel what he is thinking before he does.  Just as he can feel my moods and thoughts.  He knows when I am happy, sad, need a hug or when he needs to be a bit of a stinker to make me laugh.  I am thankful every day that God has blessed me with the love and joy that knowing these wonderful animals bring to my life.

·         Have you ever sat and watched a true team of horse and rider – saw the joy in their partnership?

·         Have you been blessed with a special love of something that brings you joy?


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