A little opinionated?


So, those of you that know me know that Louie is "the Happy Appy", he is also the very, very opinionated Appy!  With CoVid and most things being shut down right now Louie and his Mini-Me Honey are enjoying the life of country ponies in Rural KS this year.  They are watching cars go by, seeing turkeys and deer, talking to the sheep, cats and the dog (Rawley).

But, Louie has a very particular way he wants things done at chore time.....  He is supposed to get fed first!  Every morning and evening!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Well.... I decided while I was visiting and "helping" Mom with chores I would, feed the cats in the barn, get the hose out to fill the tank and THEN feed His Highness... Have you ever seen the equivalent of a 2 year old toddler wrapped in a large appaloosa body throw a temper tantrum?  😖  That's what I had on Saturday... A very unhappy toddler in the shape of a 9 year horse.  Stomping, bucking, kicking mad; everything but throw himself on the ground mad.

I had to go in and catch the big baby to settle him down, then feed him before he could calm himself down enough to eat.  While he can be a pain, he is my spotted hot mess and we just "get" each other  😏


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