12/21/20 ~ The passing of a giant

Bo, Beau, BoBo, Or Mr. BoJangles as I showed him under in our brief jumper stint years ago has passed on.  For the last 23 years he has been my Dad's riding horse and companion.  For the last 10 or so of those, he was mainly an opinionated old man horse that complained if his meals were later than her thought they should be.  But, he was loved and spoiled. 

He was a retired 3 gaited saddle seat show horse that I tried and failed to make into a 3 day eventer.  I have learned so much since the days of Bo!  He taught me that to jump is to fly without wings.  Hang on, trust and he would land safely on the other side, no matter what the size or angle of the takeoff point.  

Bo and Dad traversed the trails of Indiana and Tennessee and went places that most horses wouldn't go.  They were a fearless team.  One that had only to ask, where next?  Bo went up and down the trails of Central Tennessee with Dad on his back proudly.  There was no hesitation is his step, he knew where he was going just ask him, he would lead you.  

Bo lived a great life, he had the best of everything a horse could want.  Two pastures to choose from, alfalfa hay, his choice of grain and supplements.  He also got spoiled with cookies as well as other treats whenever he wanted them.   But, don't let that fool you.  Bo let few into his circle.  He would raise his head as high as he could and look down at you to see if you were worthy of being in his presence.  If not, you got a grunt and he was off.  If you were deemed worthy, you were allowed to tell him how wonderful and handsome he was, give him his treats and then be off.

Yes, Bo was very opinionated.  Most would say just like his owner.  But he will be missed.  He graced the hills of Central Tennessee for 23 years and was one of the best companions man could have.  Run free Big boy, Run free!



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