12/18/20 ~ Fa La La

Christmas is days away, and I am steadily STILL working on presents!  I recently took up weaving and am weaving cotton dish towels for my dear, dear adopted Mom.  Mom in Canada is going to have to wait until after Christmas for her present, it is still on the cone, and the hot chocolate mix for my co-workers?  Still hasn't been mixed!  Eek!  But, the good thing, I know what I am doing 😆

The horses will get left over candy canes, their favorite treat ever!  plus some extra apples (Honey) and carrots (Louie) and Mom's dog, Rawley will even get a treat.  Leyna, our ever spoiled kitty will get a new Squirrel to "kill" in the front room.  That is her most favorite other than a new box and packing paper, packing paper and a box is the BEST!

If you are missing the devotionals I was writing every week, never fear they will be back after Epiphany.  But right now we are in Advent season and focusing on the joy of Christmas!  If you miss your devotionals please visit us here to get a daily devotion https://www.facebook.com/FPCDevotionals

So while things are still not back to normal, we are still stuck in the pandemic of 2020 covid.  There is hope on the horizon in the form of at least 2 vaccines.  Things will get better and maybe, just maybe this summer there will actually be a semi-normal summer of riding and some shows or at the least, trail riding with the horses and friends!

But, for now please take care, mask up and stay safe!


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