4/30/21 - Thinking in Shades of Grey

 I read an article years ago written by Jane Savoie called “3 Secrets to Making Every Ride a Great Ride” It was about seeing things in shades of grey and not black and white.  Stop expecting perfection every day of yourself and your horse and things will gradually get better to where you want them to be. 

I use these things for my position; are my hands quieter? Did I sit straighter? Are my eyes up or looking down? For my horse, is he straighter? On the correct lead? Am I clear in what I am asking of him?  Did he spook less at the scary corner in the arena?

Another thing to do is develop an attitude of gratitude.  Remember to say thank you.  I get to have a relationship with these wonderful animals.  Just yesterday I was getting ready to leave Lincoln to head to KS to pack the horses up from the farm to come back to town as I left the barn where they will be staying I heard a “ker-thump”, not long after; you guessed it.. low air pressure light came on and I have a flat tire.  GREAT!  This puts me way behind schedule because now I have to call AAA to get it changed, then fixed then get on the road.

Here’s where that attitude of gratitude comes in, I ended up needing to replace my tire.  Was this God speaking to me to make sure that my vehicle was in order before I hauled my horses back?  Probably.  Or I like to think so.  Just that someone special watching over us making sure that we stop, take a breath and quit rushing from place to place.

Gracious Lord,
Thank you for watching over us, for always being that guiding hand that gently steers us where we should be even if we don’t realize it at the time.  Please continue to watch over those that need your grace, presence and healing. Amen.


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