Hello and Welcome!  My name is Carrie and I am the minion of Louie the Happy Appy.  Well, he's happy when he is eating, sleeping and when the wind isn't blowing.  But, we live in Eastern Nebraska and when doesn't the wind blow in Nebraska!?!?!  We also have a lovely POA friend named Honey who hangs out with us and is addicted to all things edible; apples, cookies, pepperments, and occasionally a carrot.

Louie and I trail ride as well as diligently work to better ourselves in Cowboy and Western dressage. and I am a Cowboy Dressage Ambassador.  Check out the Cowboy Dressage page for more information on Cowboy Dressage and come see us at Salt Creek Wranglers this summer for Playdays, Practice rides and we'll be at the Lancaster Event Center in September for the Midwest Regional Gathering!

Louie and Honey are on vacation for winter break at Grandma's and will be back this Spring for more trail riding and training fun!  So check back soon for more adventures and misadventures of the Spotted wonder ponies  :)


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