6/11/21 ~ Healing


"LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” — Psalm 30:2

Little Miss Honey has been battling a respiratory infection the last few weeks.  We took her in to the vet this past Monday for bloodwork and a check-up.  She was not exactly happy with the poking and prodding and at one point tried to hide behind her “mom” when the vet was talking about doing more procedures with her.  So, we decided to do another round of antibiotics and see where she was after a week. 

Honey does not like the new antibiotics.  They are liquid and I have to give them to her by squirting them in her mouth.  She makes ugly faces and sometimes walks away from me.  Just as we sometimes don’t like to take medicine that can help or heal us, Honey feels the same way about her twice daily medicine. 

I am thankful that the vet (horse dr.) has the knowledge and skill that God helped her acquire to know how to run the correct tests to diagnose Honey.  Sometimes I have learned that when times look bleak and it seems that what you are going through will not end; remember to continue to pray.  God is listening.  You may not always hear the answer right away, but there will be an answer to those prayers. 

Through prayer, skill and medicine, Honey should be back to full health and giving Louie grief in a few days.  She is, after all, the “little sister”! 

Lord, Thank you for the many times that you restore health and strength to those who are sick. Thank You for the times we have seen those with life-threatening diseases made whole and strengthened by Your goodness and grace. Amen


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