1/15/21 ~ Out to the Barn I go....


Out to the barn I go, to lose my mind and free my soul…

I am taking a few days off this week to spend in KS with my horses.  They have been at the farm since October 2019 for the winter off.  Well, that turned into the CoVid Quarantine with everything including boarding barns on lockdown.  So, my normal horse time to destress and maintain my equine level of happiness has been lacking!

There are introverts, extroverts and then there is me; I am a horsetrovert… I rejuvenate not by being by myself reading or meditating, or around people and parties, but by being in the company of horses and riding.  I feel at peace and find comfort with these wonderful animals.  Sometimes I can be my most prayerful self in the barn where it is quiet and peaceful. 

Louie has been happy to help me destress and give plenty of horse hugs and even a ride this week.  The last year has been difficult for everyone and we all need to take time to destress and find our happy place to find those quiet moments with God, to talk, to be thankful, to pray and to meditate on the past year and the upcoming year.  As I was working in Louie’s pen yesterday and listening to him munch his hay, I was thankful for God’s grace that I could travel to the farm, I am hopeful for the upcoming year and I am praying for our country to come together in healing in the coming months.

Can listening to a horse solve all of life’s problems?  Probably not.  But the simple act of slowing down, listening to the breeze, the birds and my horse savoring his hay makes me thankful for what I do have.
Heavenly Father, thank you for the things we have, for our family and a country where we can speak our difference of opinions.  Please watch over and keep your hand on our leaders so that they can lead our country safely towards the future.  Amen.


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