December 16, 2020 ~ News & Updates


The end of November, first of December has been busy and kind of eventful!  I have been elected to be the Nebraska Dressage Association board and as such will be the incoming president.  I am also on the Region 4 USDF Nomination committee as well as being one of the Dressage Foundation's GMO's Ambassadors!  Add that in to being on the board for the Nebraska Cowboy Dressage group and work as well as my newest addiction weaving and I have a busy year in 2021!  

Louie and Honey are still enjoying their long break with CoVid and hanging out at the farm getting fat and sassy.  They both have been wearing their masks and staying socially distanced as much as possible with a couple of exceptions...

Louie was not as impressed with the masks as Honey was.  He is impatiently waiting for the vaccine to come out. So, for now we wait and see what 2021 will hold for us.  Hopefully it is a vaccine and more opportunities for riding and showing.


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